Juncaceae Phylogeny Group

Main Topics of Interest

I. Phylogenetic relationships of the Juncaceae (L. Záveská Drábková, J. Kirschner, C. Vlcek, O. Seberg, G. Petersen)

II. Morphology and anatomy

    a) Leaf and stem anatomy (L. Záveská Drábková & J. Kirschner)

    b) Inflorescence morphology (C. Koebele & H.-J. Tillich)

    c) the morphogenesis of inflorescence structures, especially the one-flowered spikelets (H.-J. Tillich & C. Koebele)

    d) Anatomy and micromorphology of seeds and details of internal ovule structures (H.-J. Tillich & C. Koebele)

    e) Analysis of seed morphology with emphasis to the taxonomic relevance in the genus Juncus (L. Záveská Drábková)

    f) Karyology and genome size (L. Záveská Drábková, J. Kirschner & M. Bozek)

    g) Cladistic analysis of morphology and anatomy of the Juncaceae (L. Záveská Drábková)

III. Systematics studies of Juncaceae sections

    a) Section Juncotypus (J. Hodgon, Jeremy Bruhl and Karen Wilson)

More details will be available soon.


GAČR 2007-2009 : Phylogeny of Juncaceae based on comparison of chloroplast, nuclear and mitochondrial data and morphology, principal researcher RNDr. Lenka Drábková, Ph.D.

GAAV 2002-2004: Evolution of cosmopolitan genera: A molecular study of Luzula and Juncus, PhD researcher, principal researcher RNDr. Jan Kirschner, CSc.

GAUK 2002-2004: Phylogeny of cosmopolitan plant genera from Juncaceae family: Molecular study of Juncus, principal researcher RNDr. Lenka Drábková


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