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Igor Bartish PhD.

Pevná linka: 271015485
Oddělení: Oddělení genetické ekologie

Ph.D. 1985-1988 Institute of Biochemistry, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow - biochemistry
B.A. and M.Sc. 1980-1985 Kyiv State University, USSR – molecular biology

Employment History

Research Leader, Institute of Botany, Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic.
Post Doc, University of Rennes, France. Research on macroevolutionary patterns in regional habitat types of angiosperms in The Netherlands.
Post Doc, Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm. Research on evolutionary history of subfamily Chrysophylloideae (Sapotaceae): Fieldwork in Australia and Costa Rica; management of herbaria specimens; population genetic analyses, molecular marker data generation (sequencing of multiple cpDNA and nuclear genes) and analysis (parsimony, maximum likelihood and Bayesian phylogenetic reconstructions, dating); presentation of results at international meetings; preparation of publications.
Post Doc, Gutenberg University, Institute of Special Botany, Mainz, Germany. Research on evolutionary history and population genetics of European subspecies of Hippophae rhamnoides (Elaeagnaceae): Fieldwork in Austria, Germany, Italy, Russsia; molecular marker data generation (sequencing of nuclear genes; cpDNA RFLPs) and analysis (Nested Clade Analysis of phylogeographical patterns, Mismatch Distribution Analysis, estimation of demographic history parameters, dating); preparation of publications.
Head of DNA Laboratory, Institute of Botany, Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic, Prague. Administration of the laboratory; collaboration with colleagues from the institute on Butomus, Hieracium and Myosotis projects; generation of molecular data (cpDNA RFLPs); analysis of population genetic data (genetic diversity estimations, numerical taxonomy; AMOVA, autocorrelation, parsimony); preparation of publications.
Post Doc, Swedish Agricultural University, Alnarp. Research on Chaenomeles and Hippophae: Generation of molecular data (RAPDs, cpDNA RFLPs); analysis of population genetic data (genetic diversity estimations, numerical taxonomy, AMOVA, autocorrelation, phylogenetic reconstructions, genome mapping); presentation of results at international meetings; preparation of publications.
Junior and Senior Scientist, Institute of Horticulture, Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv. Administration of Laboratory of Genetic Transformation; research on development of methods of plant tissue culture and genetic transformation; genome mapping; population genetics, supervision of graduate and post-graduate studies.


There have been a few opportunities for me to teach during my professional carrier. I supervised (about 120 hours annually) some successfully defended Master of Science diploma works by undergraduate students of Dnipropetrovs’k and Kyiv Universities in Ukraine, and participated in supervision of a successful postgraduate PhD works (Institute of Horticulture, Kyiv, and Institute of Botany, Prague).


My research interests and activities are reflected in the projects I have been running during my career. They are in the areas of development of molecular markers for agricultural and adaptive traits in plants and genetic mapping (collaboration with Prof. Norman F. Weeden, Cornell University), plant population genetics and ecology (collaboration with Prof. Hilde Nybom, Swedish Agricultural University, Alnarp; Dr. Jan Kirschner, Dr. Helena Storhova, Institute of Botany, Prague; Dr. Angela Peterson, University of Halle), plant population genetics, phylogeography and historical demography of plant populations (collaboration with Prof. Hans P. Comes, University of Salzburg, and Prof. Joachim W. Kaderiet, Gutenberg University, Mainz); molecular phylogeny, systematics, biogeography and evolution (collaboration with Dr. Ulf Swenson, Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm); paleoecology and phylogenetic structure of plant communities (collaboration with Prof. Andreas Prinzing, University of Rennes). At earlier stages of my career I also worked on genetic transformation of plants (collaboration with Prof. Alan McHughen, University of Saskatchewan) and molecular structure of protein complexes (under Prof. Boris F. Poglazov, Institute of Biochemistry, Moscow).


My administrative skills developed during holding the posts of the Head of Laboratory at the Institute of Horticulture and at the Institute of Botany. The job required involvement in areas such as administration of laboratory, development of research skills of staff, supervision of research work of students.

Research grants and awards

2012-2016. Alexey Kudrin Foundation. Evolutionary history of Hippophaë rhamnoides L. in the Neogene - 4 years.
2009-2014. Purkine Fellowship, Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic. Plant Population Genetics and Ecology – 5 years.
2003-2006. National Science Foundation, Sweden. Phylogeny of Sapotaceae – 3 years.
2002-2003. Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany. Phylogeography of Hippophae rhamnoides in Europe – 15 months.
1998. Royal Academy of Sciences and Swedish Institute, European Comission. Molecular analysis of natural populations of Chaenomeles – three and nine months.
1996. Government of the USA, CAST Program. Generation of linkage map for interspecific cross in Malus – six months.
Starší významné publikace před rokem 2004:
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