yearvolume/issueeditor/stypetopic & link
199833/3Jindřich Chrtek and Karol MarholdForumSpecies concept in agamic and autogamic complexes
199934/1Karol Marhold, Bernhard Schmid and Frantisek KrahulecSpecial featureEcology of closely related plant species
199934/4J. Hans C. M. den Nijs, Karol Marhold and Herbert HurkaSpecial featurePlant evolution in disturbed habitats
200035/2Johan Ehrlén and Brita M. SvenssonSpecial featurePlant interactions, dispersal and community structure
200035/4Hana Čížková and Hans BrixSpecial featurePhragmites-dominated wetlands – their functions and sustainable use
200136/1Tomáš HerbenForumSpecies-pool hypothesis
200237/1Elgene O. Box, Tohru Nakashizuka and Anton FischerSpecial featureDynamics of temperate forests
200237/4Chytrý and Toby SpribilleSpecial featureVegetation of circum boreal coniferous forests
200338/2Miroslav Vosátka and Alan C. CasselsSpecial featureKnowledge on population biology of AMF as a tool for mycorrhizal technology
200338/4Tomáš Herben and ChytrýForumCalcium and plant species richness
200540/1Tomáš HerbenForumExperimental testing of dispersallimitation in plant communities
200540/2-3Renate A. WesselinghSpecial featureThe biology of non-weedy hemiparasitic (ex-)Scrophulariaceae
200641/1Pavel Kindlmann, Denis F. Whigham and Jo H. WillemsSpecial featureInternational orchid workshop
200742/2Tomáš Herben and Milan ChytrýForumAnalysis of non-randomly sampled data sets in vegetation ecology
200843/3Michael W. Palmer and Tomáš HerbenForumArtifacts in biodiversity research
201045/4Milan Štech and Renate WesselinghSpecial featureThe biology of non-weedy hemiparasitic Orobanchaceae: the second symposium
201146/2-3Jitka Klimešová and Tomáš HerbenSpecial featureClonal and bud bank traits across floras and communities
201338/3Francesco de Bello, Tomáš Herben and Jitka KlimešováSpecial featureFestschrift Jan Lepš/Ecological studies presented to Jan Lepš on his 60th birthday