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Methodolical pitfalls in ecological research

We encourage authors to submit contributions to the special section in our journal devoted to Methodological pitfalls in ecological research.
Are there mistakes in the ecological literature you wish to point out? Do you have a solution to a methodological problem or can you recommend a method for addressing unrecognized constraints in the understanding of ecological problems? Share it with our readers!

There is not any deadline, we are expecting you contribution anytime.

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Coppicing systems as a way of understanding patterns in forest vegetation

Edited by Radim Hédl, Jörg Ewald, Markus Bernhardt-Römermann and Keith Kirby

The aim of this special issue of Folia Geobotanica is to publish a selection of high-quality papers linking coppicing management systems and patterns in forest vegetation. The focus should be on vegetation diversity, species composition or populations of woody or herbaceous plants; fungi, lichens and related organisms are not excluded. It is advisable that the results are supported by environmental data related to natural conditions or management. We welcome original research papers, meta-analyses and reviews, conforming to the requirements for standard research papers published in Folia Geobotanica, on the following topics:

  • Historical effects of coppicing on vegetation
  • Consequences of coppice abandonment
  • Benefits and drawbacks of coppice restoration

In general, all scientifically sound contributions dealing with specific habitat conditions, plant community patterns or population responses produced by coppicing are welcome.

The deadline for submissions is set on 31st May 2015.

Please send any questions to Radim Hédl at