Sponsorship Program

Allow us to provide you with information on the various projects of the Institute of Botany that need your support to help us maintain the rare cultural, natural and esthetic heritage of the Průhonice Park and Castle.

The Průhonice Park and castle are a place where in rare accord nature and humans have created an entire beautiful natural landscape work. Currently, when the surroundings of the Průhonice Park are being utilized and built up, the park serves as an educational and relaxation spot for people and even as an essential refuge for many endangered plant and animal species. Along with the castle, the park is the most significant landscape element southeast of Prague.

Annually, the Institute of Botany spends hundreds of thousands of Czech crowns on the maintenance of the entire areal, unfortunately even on the reparations of damage caused by vandals and thieves. State support nevertheless does not suffice for the quality maintenance of the historic buildings and park.

We would be extremely grateful for any kind of support for the renewal and maintenance of the Průhonice Park and castle. You can choose to support one of the events or projects listed or contribute to bank account nr. 280 34 05 / 0300, v.s. 101 750

All contact information can be found in the header of our web pages.

Sponsors of the Průhonice Park

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