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Important Projects







  Detection and monitoring of invasive species using unmanned aircraft

Plant diversity analysis and synthesis centre (PLADIAS)

  Whole-genome processes interact with ecology and geography in shaping plant invasiveness: a global population-level study of the genus Phragmites
  Fire in postglacial Central Europe: neglected historical and present effects in forest dynamics



Integration of experimental and population biology using new methods in interdisciplinary practice – path to excellence with young scientists




BIORAF: Competence centre for biorefining research


Implementation of science and research in education


LONGWOOD: Long-term woodland dynamics in Central Europe: from estimations to a realistic model




Design and calibration of modular autonomous station for the measurement of soilmoisture and temperature conditions in vast point clusters 

  A novel approach for monitoring, toxicity evaluation and risk assessment of cyanobacterial toxins – a use of passive samplers




Spatially explicit historical information as a basis for conservation planning and development of close to nature forests in Bohemian Switzerland




EPTOCOL: Energy plantations technology on contaminated land 

  PRATIQUE: Enhacements of Pest Risk Analysis TechniQUes

CAREX: Coordination Action for Research Activities on Life in EXtreme


EU-PEARLS: a new EU research project coordinated by Wageningen UR, aims to develop new crops for the production and exploitation of natural rubber and latex in Europe.




Biological and climate diversity of the central part of the Svalbard Arctic archipelago 

  Comparison of selected features of cyanobacteria and microalgae originated from polar and temperate regions (polyphasic approach)

Production of dormant stages and stress resistance of polar cyanobacteria and algae


Multidisciplinary ecological research of Antarctic terrestrial vegetation within the IPY



  DAISIE - Delivering Alien Invasive Species Inventories for Europe 


  ALARM - Assessing Large scale environmental Risk for biodiversity with tested Methods 



Hieracium mating systems




Digitization of the most valuable parts of collections in Czech herbaria


Hybridization in the species complex: Triticum aestivum – Elytrigia intermedia - E. repens

  Giant Alien - Giant Hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum) a pernicious invasive weed: Developing a sustainable strategy for alien invasive plant management in Europe  


  Diversity and evolutionary processes in aquatic plants
Towards a worldwide monograph of family Potamogetonaceae
  Flora of the Czech Republic